Composer Christopher Lennertz Reteams with Director Tim Story to Score Ride Along
Film Opens Friday, January 17, 2014
(Hollywood, CA) January 15, 2014— Award-winning composer Christopher Lennertz scores Ride Along, Universal Pictures’ buddy-cop action comedy starring Ice Cube and Kevin Hart. Ride Along marks Lennertz’s second collaboration with director Tim Story.

Previously working together on Think Like A Man, Lennertz and Story are also working on Think Like A Man Too releasing this summer. Ride Along opens in theaters nationwide Friday, January 17, 2014. The Ride Along score album will be available January 28, 2014 on Varèse Sarabande Records.

Ride Along follows a fast-talking slacker (Hart) who must join his girlfriend’s brother (Ice Cube) —a hot-tempered cop—to patrol the streets of Atlanta. As he gets entangled in the officer’s latest case, he must survive the most insane 24 hours of his life to prove that he deserves his future bride.

Christopher Lennertz wrote a comedic score, adding to the attitude necessary for the film’s action sequences. Lennertz told me, “Having worked with Tim previously, this film was the perfect situation for me. You have Kevin as the funny guy and Ice Cube as the straight shooter, which makes it the job of the music to enhance the energy of both of those characters. For Ice Cube’s character, I incorporated ‘90s hip-hop influences, whereas for Kevin’s character, I infused a tone reminiscent of the classic ‘80s cop comedies.”
Fans and industry leaders know Christopher Lennertz as an award-winning composer for film, television and video games. Lennertz’s success ranges from scoring star-studded comedies including the recent box office hits Identity Thief, Think Like a Man and Horrible Bosses to family films including Alvin and the Chipmunks and Hop. Lennertz’s recent television credits include NBC’s hit series Revolution and the CW’s landmark series Supernatural.

In the video game world, Christopher Lennertz’s credits include the final installment of Mass Effect 3 and the final installment of Starhawk. Other video game credits include Medal of Honor, the James Bond: 007 series, and Gun.

Lennertz’s accolades include BMI Film Awards, two Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences awards for Best Original Score, and an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Music for a Series for Supernatural.

Source: Movies


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