By Alice O’Neill

Award winning film composer Christophe Beck, known for Frozen and The Hangover, scores two critically acclaimed films, Gabe Polsky’s documentary “Red Army” and the Daniel Barnz dark dramedy “Cake” starring Jennifer Aniston. Both are in theaters now.

Polsky’s Red Army is told from the perspective of the Red Army hockey team’s captain, Slava Fetisov. The story reveals how sport mirrors social and cultural movements of the Soviet Union’s dominance of ice hockey during the Cold War. Co-composed by Christophe Beck and Leo Birenberg, the score emulates the relentlessness of the Soviet system and the Red Army team on the ice.

Cake follows Aniston on a heartbreaking journey of a woman suffering chronic pain and emotional trauma as she contemplates suicide or moving forward. Beck effortlessly transposes Aniston’s drug induced hazes into an ethereal score mixed with electronic staccato.

Beck, known as Chris Beck, is a Canadian television and film score composer whose fan base swells with each new project he accepts. His heart is in his music. He is currently Grammy® nominated for his score in the Oscar® winning film Frozen and continues to remain one of the busiest composers in the industry.
His upcoming films this year include:

o Terminator Genysis (7/1/15)

o Ant Man (7/17/15)

o The Peanuts Movie (11/6/15)

Thanks to Ray Costa and his team at Costa Communications.


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