Mark Snow, TV/Film Composer, Honored at ASCAP Day at Berklee College of Music

Alice O'Neill

By Alice O’Neill

TV and Film composer Mark Snow headlined at the ASCAP Day at Boston’s Berklee College of Music April 2, 2014.

Mark Snow, honored by ASCAP, the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers April 2014.

Mark Snow, honored by ASCAP, the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers April 2, 2014.

ASCAP Day is designed to provide both Film Scoring and Songwriting students with information on current trends in their fields. Snow discussed his own career in classes with students, providing valuable feedback to the young musicians who follow Snow’s career with keen interest. ASCAP staff also answered students’ questions about the current state of the music business and performing rights organizations.


During the course of his prolific career, Snow has achieved the honor of being named the only ASCAP composer to receive the Most Performed Background Music award every year consecutively since its inception in 1985-86.


Snow is best known for scoring popular television series, including The X-Files, The Ghost Whisperer, Smallville, One Tree Hill, Kojak, Millennium, Pasadena, Dynasty, Falcon Crest, T.J. Hooker, Cagney & Lacey, Starsky & Hutch, Gemini, Family, and Hart to Hart.

A strong fan base from the beginning elevated THE X-FILES and HART TO HART to near-cult status, which has grown over the years, thanks to the music by Snow and the popularity of the characters and actors who played them.

David Ducovny and Gillian Anderson as the quirky X-FILES sleuths quickly caught on with fans of science fiction. The writing was fresh and intriguing, and David Snow’s theme music resonated with fans.

From the beginning of HART TO HART, there was a strong glamour factor in the cast. Robert Wagner was married (for the second time) to Natalie Wood, a major Hollywood star, and Stephanie Powers, in real life was the girlfriend of superstar William Holden.

Those facts added extra appeal to the show, if only subliminally, as the fictional glamorous married couple sleuths solved every Hollywood crime every week. Ironically, both Holden and Wood died in 1981, three years before the end of the HART TO HART series.

True fans could then hum Mark Snow’s theme music. Today they still can, and do.

George C. Clinton

George C. Clinton


A one-on-one interview with Mark Snow conducted by George C. Clinton, Chair of Berklee’s Film Scoring Department, was a hit with the musician/students.

This event was open to all Berklee students and showed the easy interaction between academics and working professionals. This was a lesson that not only informed students of the importance of mastering the art of conversation but of presenting one’s own achievements in a manner that is not only true but exceedingly interesting.


An additional seminar for seniors with Snow and ASCAP Creative Services executives took place later in the early evening. Berklee is noted for its innovative approach to teaching. This was a good example.


Khiyon Hursey

Khiyon Hursey

Another highlight of ASCAP Day was the presentation of two tuition-based scholarships at Berklee.

Khiyon Hursey received the 2014 ASCAP Foundation Bart Howard Songwriting Scholarship at Berklee. He grew up in Fort Lauderdale, FL, where he began playing the saxophone at age ten.

Currently he is the saxophonist for two local bands, Group Caleb and The Clockwork Project. He is double majoring in Songwriting and Professional Music.

Recently, two of his songs were selected to be arranged, orchestrated and performed for Berklee’s Annual Musical Theatre Competition.


Steve Winarto, recipient of the 2014 ASCAP Foundation Film Scoring Scholarship at Berklee, is a pianist, composer, arranger and songwriter from Indonesia. He attended the ABRSM Royal School of Music, earning a degree in classical piano performance.

Steve Winarto

Steve Winarto

He also attended the Yamaha Music Foundation in Japan, where he earned a certification in music theory. He has composed music for commercials, jingles and theatrical showcases, for which he received accolades. Professional accomplishments for a student get well-deserved attention.

Along with studying Film Scoring, Winarto studies Music Production and Engineering at Berklee under the ASCAP Foundtaion Film Scoring Scholarship and The ASCAP Foundation Bart Howard Scholarship.

Mark Snow and both scholarship recipients were honored at a luncheon on April 2nd, attended by Berklee faculty and ASCAP Foundation staff.

ASCAP Day @ Berklee College of Music and the two scholarships are supported by The ASCAP Foundation Bart Howard Fund.

For information about the Berklee College of Music scholarships see the school’s website.

Thanks for input from Berklee College of Music, ASCAP, Albert Tello and Costa Communications.
Photos used with permission.



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