Alan Silvestri

Alan Silvestri

Hollywood Behind-The-Scenes

By Alice O’Neill




Alan Silvestri will be the special guest film music composer for the Chattanooga Symphony & Opera Feb. 28 through March 2, 2014 at the 2014 Chattanooga International Film Music Festival.

Silvestri has scored over 80 films, including The Croods, Back to the Future and its sequels, Predator, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, A Night at the Museum, Captain America and The Avengers. Silvestri was nominated for both an Academy Award and Golden Globe Award for Forrest Gump and The Polar Express. He captured three Grammy Awards for his work on The Bodyguard, Cast Away and Polar Express.

Artistic Director George S. Clinton joins Alan Silvestri For Seminar

The festival’s artistic director joins Silvestri for a weekend of seminars with film music composers, including Sundance Film Music Program director Peter Golub. Also planned is a panel discussion moderated by BMI’s Doreen Ringer Ross, and a screening of Back to the Future followed by a discussion with Silvestri. A special added attraction, sure to be a hit with attendees: open rehearsals and two film music concerts with the Chattanooga Symphony & Opera.

This year’s first concert title is Academy Award-winning Singin’ in the Rain. With a nod to the authenticity of the film’s setting in the 1920s, the entire movie will be shown with live accompaniment by the symphony much like the great silent films premiered almost a hundred years ago. The truth is, there was nothing silent about them. It’s just that audiences had to read the dialogue. When you hear the symphony you’ll experience what early filmmakers envisioned when all the emotions are fully engaged.

The second concert, Hooray for Hollywood, features Clinton’s own “Austin Powers Suite,” Golub’s “These Amazing Shadows” suite, the “Back to the Future” suite conducted by Silvestri, and additional popular film music conducted by the symphony’s Music Director Emeritus and Principal Pops conductor, Bob Bernhardt.

Born and raised in Chattanooga, Clinton began his musical career in Nashville while earning degrees in music and drama at Middle Tennessee State University. Today he is one of Hollywood’s go-to guys when you want innovative music for a film. His versatility across genres is displayed in films such as Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery and its blockbuster sequels, the Emmy-winning Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee¸ and 2010’s Tooth Fairy starring Dwayne Johnson, Ashley Judd and Julie Andrews.

“My mother brought me to the Tivoli as a young child,” recalls Clinton. “The first orchestra I ever heard was the Chattanooga Symphony. To be back in my hometown as an adult, collaborating with this wonderful orchestra, performing my music- well it doesn’t get much better than that.”

George C. Clinton

George C. Clinton

After graduation Clinton attended the Atlanta Pop Festival. Upon hearing Joe Cocker perform “With a Little Help from My Friends,” he was motivated to leave his native Chattanooga, bound for Los Angeles and ready to rock and roll. As a staff writer for Warner Brothers Music, Clinton’s songs were recorded by Michael Jackson, Joe Cocker and Smokey Robinson. The George Clinton Band released four major label albums.

Registration for the Chattanooga International Film Music Festival is now open. The cost for the full Festival is $195. Film, composing, and conducting students can attend for $50. For more information, visit www.chattfilmmusic.com.

With thanks to Maya Sprouse,  Costa Communications



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